Welcome to Live 4 Love Charities - designed in honor of Prince's philanthropic mission to drive better outcomes for humanity


Live 4 Love Charities is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that was founded in 1996 by Prince Rogers Nelson and Mayte Garcia. The foundation honors Prince’s philanthropic legacy by building upon his mission of helping people up and helping people out, as these were the two key components of his charitable giving. Live 4 Love Charities continues to strive and drive better outcomes for humanity, by supporting a variety of philanthropic programs and initiatives that are aligned to the core values of the foundation, through delivering resources that enrich and strengthen communities worldwide.

Our Vision
By 2029 our distinctive ability to support and integrate Prince’s passionate causes under 1 umbrella, will have made a significant contribution to improving the environment for our future generations

Our Goal
We are a dedicated non-profit organization and a peaceful platform that strives to drive better outcomes for humanity by funding charitable causes that are aligned to the core values of the foundation, aimed to inspire, make a positive impact on society, and ultimately create more caring communities

Our Mission
Helping people up and helping people out

What Differentiates Us
Live 4 Love Charities is not just any nonprofit, it is a lifestyle; “we’re supposed to take care of each other” - Prince


Live 4 Love Charities was established by Prince Rogers Nelson and his wife, Mayte Garcia. Their only child, Amiir, was born on October 16, 1996, but passed six days after his birth... Prince and Mayte founded Live 4 Love Charities in memory of their son.

To build upon the artists' philanthropic legacy of driving better outcomes for humanity, Live 4 Love Charities seeks to retain and revive music and arts programs in our schools.

While it appears that today’s decision-makers believe that music and arts programs are unnecessary and dispensable when funds become tight, Live 4 Love Charities passionately believes this could not be further from the truth – music and arts are essential to the long-term success of our children and future generations.

The issue is not simply about losing a band, orchestra, chorus or general music education – when a school system determines that it needs to fund standardized-tested subjects over non-tested subjects, this disrupts the balance of what is taught in the schools. Essentially, only the logical (left-brained) disciplines are then taught for the purposes of the test, and the aesthetic (right- brained) disciplines are forsaken.

Live 4 Love Charities is determined to provide children the very thing they need to flourish – a deeply embedded music and arts education, which fosters whole-brain learning, self-confidence, critical thinking and ingenuity. All these skills improve students’ achievement and success in overall academics, especially in the so-called “STEM” subjects: science, technology, engineering and math.

Accordingly, music and the arts should be taught within project learning alongside the critical thinking of core courses, which together directly engages students and therefore effectively balances the development of the brains. This results in the development of the whole being, which in turn enhances society with better citizens.


Live 4 Love Charities is an advocate for music and arts, not just resulting from a passion for music and arts themselves, but rooted in a belief that when schools decide to eliminate these classes due to budget cuts, students are negatively affected more than many seem to realize.

Live 4 Love Charities believes that examining what is currently being taught and applying what can be learned from the “STEAM” model (which adds “Arts” to the traditional “STEM” approach), there will be a tremendous positive impact on student achievement, community strength and financial solvency.

Live 4 Love Charities envisions communities where music and the arts are vital to social development, and represent a positive alternative for youth dealing with stress and peer pressure. Through music and the arts, youth can find new ways to express themselves, to lift their spirits and fulfill their dreams.

As a grant-making foundation, Live 4 Love Charities' mission is to provide grants to deserving nonprofit programs that promote such music and arts programs within our target audience, which may be directed toward scholarships; musical instruments and art supplies; and/or tuition/fees for music and arts classes, including but not limited to the following:

  • Providing grants to ensure that kids, parents and educators have access to workshops, programs, tools and other resources to heighten awareness of and to provide solutions for music and arts educational programs (i.e., student concerts, music recordings, video production).

  • Engaging with the entire school community, including students and parents, to develop arts-related policies and best practices and goals, along with reporting procedures and a follow-up system for monitoring progress and improving outcomes.

  • Supplying musical instruments, arts supplies and other educational resources that teach kids how to tap into their creative potential, create artistic works, and teach parents how to encourage and support their kids’ artistic endeavors, while immersed in STEAM subjects.

  • Helping parents, educators and health professionals to learn how to recognize talented youth, listen and learn from ideas, and help kids tap into their creative potential through programs that focus on discussions, role-playing ideas and other creative content designed to boost creativity and self-esteem; develop empathy; reduce anxiety; and encourage inclusion, respect, tolerance, diversity and friendship.


Live 4 Love Charities sets out the following core principles to guide all program activities:

  • A participatory, culturally/socially respectful and inclusive approach by engaging expert individuals and organizations in needs assessment, management and implementation of the programs.

  • Investment in capacity-building and local sustainability of program objectives.

  • Collaborating and supporting local nonprofit organizations, government agencies, businesses and community groups.

  • Creating durable solutions for our beneficiaries that extend far beyond the scope of our immediate programs.


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